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A news bulletin by the Moffat Group for the food industry

We welcome you to our 2019 edition of Moffat Connection, where we share the latest news from the food industry around the world.

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Moffat Connection

New Turbofan 40 Series Combi Ovens

Now is the time to realise it.

Tuck it away in the bar area or have it pride of place in the open kitchen - either way you'll be happy to see this high performer deliver the goods time and time again.

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Why kitchen life is easier with a Turbofan

Turbofan 30 series

See the reasons why operators continue to choose Turbofan..

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Turbofan 30 Series


Covering a spread of various applications, the Turbofan E33 range has evolved to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible - baking, roasting, cooking and now regeneration!

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